Dyatmika was buzzing last week with the school’s production of We Will Rock You. Everyone who saw it were in awe at the talent on show.

The experience will be one of the most memorable moments in the school lives of the young people involved. They demonstrated their considerable musical and dramatic talents on stage and their technical, creative and organisational skills behind the scenes.

Collectively the students faced the highs and lows of the show coming together. They discovered what it takes to reach and maintain excellence through dedication and teamwork. Each of them grew in confidence and skill throughout the auditions, rehearsals and performances.

We should recognise the remarkable vision and commitment of the teachers involved, especially Pak Conor, Ibu Liz, Ibu Tessa, Pak Irvandi, Pak Dika and Pak John S. Lots of other teaching and nonteaching staff also contributed in many ways.

As always, we are grateful to the PTFA and OSIS for their endless resourcefulness and energy. Parents too, thank you for helping with the learning of lines, revisiting the music of Queen and making sure that your child was at rehearsals.

Our sponsors believed enough in this project to provide financial support. Thank you too!

You can relive We Will Rock You at Dyatmika through professionally produced photos and DVDs. Details of the availability will be confirmed early next year.

Message from Pak Conor…

After six months of hard work and preparation, Dyatmika staged its first large scale Musical last week in the Wantilan. The show was hugely successful with incredibly impressive performances from all of the cast. The lead characters sang and acted with maturity and style, and very single cast member, no matter how small their part was, completely committed and gave everything they had to their role.

The live band also gave four incredible performances. Our musicians are used to learning a few songs each term and this semester they learnt over twenty, very challenging Queen songs. The band and cast were able to perform with confidence, knowing that they had a stage crew who worked hard and were always reliable.

We would like to thank the forty-plus students who were involved in this production. Our students really grew throughout the process and overcame many difficulties, growing in confidence and stretching their abilities. We would also like to thank once more all of the many staff who gave their time to be involved, the PTFA for their fantastic support, the audiences who came to watch, and the very generous sponsors and advertisers who helped make it all possible.

Watch this space for news of the next show!

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