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“Education for a better world.”

Guiding principles

Dyatmika’s aim is to develop confident, happy and academically successful individuals who know how to learn and are critical thinkers. The Dyatmika Charter emphasises that students will succeed academically; grow as well rounded individuals; develop positive values and civic responsibility; show respect for others and the natural environment and preserve traditional elements of the Balinese culture.



Dyatmika is a not-for-profit school that reinvests its income back into the school and lives its guiding principles on a daily basis. Established by a group of National and International parents in 1995, over the years this school has grown steadily from 27 students to just over 600 students, from the youngest in Play Group to the oldest in the graduating Class 12. Situated near Sanur, Dyatmika’s landscaped and purpose built school overlooks an area of rice fields and the beach by the Indian Ocean. There are specialised areas for sports, science labs, computer rooms, art studios, a library, a study centre, music rooms, a canteen, gardens and play areas. Classrooms are fitted with teaching and learning technology, for example, interactive whiteboards and projectors. Wifi is available throughout the school.







The school’s governing body is the Dyatmika Sekar Bawana Foundation, a legally recognised ‘Yayasan’ (Board). All Yayasan members are unpaid, current or former parents of students who offer their various business, legal, education and other professional expertise. The Yayasan ensures that the vision of the Foundation is adhered to and that the standard of education and school operation remains high and in keeping with Dyatmika’s Charter. The Whole School Executive (WSE) is composed of international and national academic and administrative staff. The role of the WSE is to ensure a quality education and to make certain that Dyatmika’s values are nurtured through the curriculum and other school activities. This leadership group oversees the effective daily running of the school.





Dyatmika is an accredited University of Cambridge International Examinations Centre. The Cambridge curriculum is taught from Primary Prep to Class 12, the final year. Our school monitors student progress and achievement through international standardised tests, including Cambridge Checkpoints. Students sit examinations at IGCSE, AS Levels and A Levels. These qualifications are well recognised in quality universities and colleges worldwide. Dyatmika is also a fully accredited SPK (Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasma, One Education Together) school. This means that the school teaches Indonesian language, cultural and civic elements of the National Curriculum. Students with Indonesian citizenship sit the government required examinations. They graduate from Dyatmika with a double award that includes the Cambridge and Indonesian National certificates.




Dyatmika offers Extracurricular Activities to develop student interests and capabilities across a wide range of areas. Our academic and extracurricular programmes combine to offer a quality education that sees students thriving during their time at Dyatmika.





Our international teachers are well qualified and experienced, with the majority coming from the UK, Australia and North America. Our international teachers work collegially with their Indonesian counterparts to plan and deliver teaching programmes based on current, effective teaching and learning strategies. We promote Professional Development and actively develop leadership capacity. All of our teachers have university degrees and teaching qualifications.



72 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in the past 9 academic years. Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are a group of awards issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education. They recognise exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations around the world. The primary purpose of these awards is to celebrate and recognise the success of highperforming Cambridge learners.



The Dyatmika Community Garden represents a unique opportunity for students to actively engage with their environment and supports Dyatmika in realising its school charter. Our permaculture garden allows them to be involved in growing all manner of fruit, vegetable, herbs and flowers. The garden provides lots of opportunities for learning outside the classroom from lessons on mini beasts in Primary to the study of plant cells in A Level Biology. Many other subjects and extracurricular clubs link with the garden. Dyatmika has linked with the IDEP foundation, who are experts on the concepts and practices of permaculture (the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and selfsufficient). We are also grateful for the ongoing support and involvement of many parents. With the support of PlanBee Indonesia we have installed stingless bee hives which gives students the chance to learn about the importance of bees to global ecosystems. The garden also gives students opportunities to explore Balinese culture by making traditional health remedies and medicines.




Policies that new and current parents should be familiar with

Please note that all foreign students must apply for study permits in Indonesia.

Dyatmika School Fees

Cambridge Assessment International Education charge a fee for students who take examinations at IGCSE, AS and A Levels. These fees must be paid by parents before students are entered into examinations, in line with Cambridge’s regulations. 

We understand that teaching and learning all over the world has changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are happy to answer your Frequently Asked Questions.

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