Student Council

The Dyatmika Student Council, also called OSIS, is a student-led body responsible for channeling students’ voices and aspirations to enhance student experiences of Dyatmika. This group organizes student activities and liaises or collaborates with other members of the Dyatmika community such as teachers and parents for various other school issues and events.

The leaders of OSIS are called the Executive Student Council, consisting of elected Class 12 students. Until 2015/2016, we only elected a head boy-head girl to lead OSIS. But following many students’ suggestions during 2016/2017, we changed the leadership system into a group of student executives. They have an official Dyatmika email address:

I’ve been enrolled at Dyatmika for the majority of my life – 14 years to be exact. I am delighted to pursue the task of ‘To Lead and To Serve’ as President of the Student Council. In this opportunity, I was introduced to many different perspectives and people with distinctive backgrounds through other executive members and the loving Student Council team. Like any other Student Council, a student-led body holds an admirably important role in giving what the students want by allowing them all to express their identity and unique personalities. From running events such as Project Kasih, we are an organization ready to fight for change in the community; to give back to those in need; and to respect one another. As the President of the Student Council in the Executive Student Council, I, alongside my hard-working executive members, strive to become one of the best leading student organizations in Dyatmika, and as the previous President (Varo deHaan) said, ‘strive for the student council to become a prestigious platform for future leaders where students can nourish their skills by applying what they learn in the classroom into real-life situation.” 

President of Student Council

Despite being a relatively new addition to the school and its community, I believe that I have successfully managed to create a positive impact upon Dyatmika as the Head of Public Relations for the 2019-2020 academic year. I’ve learned that there is a true value in creating strong and heartfelt connections and the opportunities that these relationships can bring are too, very valuable. Leading and working with the largest department in the student council, I aim to spread messages to the beautiful Dyatmika community and to lift our image as a student council as a whole, which has truly enlightened me to the responsibilities that I hold and the pride I take in my work. It is clear that I’ve grown as an Individual, enhancing my public speaking, spreading my creativity, and opening my eyes to how wonderful a community can be when we come together. I have immense appreciation for our school and my fellow Executive Student Council members for the hard work we have put in to in order to make the school truly a better place.

Head of Public Relations

School to me comes in two parts: the education; and the community that encompasses it. Acting as the Head of the Treasury Department in the Executive Student Council, I was entrusted with budgeting, forecasting, pricing and any other financial responsibilities. As an organization, the Student Council has given me the opportunity to give back to the community that has already given so much. It’s a platform that I and our team can channel ideas and events that tie the community closer together. Where I can develop my public speaking, creativity and leadership skills required to excel in the real world. I now understand that the Student Council is not just a school’s governing body, but a platform where passionate and innovative Dyatmikans can grow and empower themselves and others to become an influential individual, aspiring to create a positive impact in the world.” 

Head of Treasury

During my election speech, I said the words that guided my year’s work: “I want to become an executive of the people, by the people, for the people.” This means fighting for the best of the Dyatmika community – introducing events and ideas that open our minds, open our hearts and open ourselves to greater opportunities and potentials. It is no easy task to lead a whole community for the better, but it sure is a rewarding experience to see the fruits of our labour. It has been such a pleasure to work with an incredible team of Executives and Student Council, fighting each and every single day “to lead and to serve” our community. I hope this year has allowed us all to take opportunities, grow as individuals, and fight for the best of who we are, because I have surely grown as a person throughout the journey.If I were to share one thing I learnt from this experience, I would say that I now believe, “The true extent of your strength, is measured by the number of lives you are able to touch through your actions.”

Head of Operations

For most of my time in school, I chose not to join any school activities, thinking that grades and schoolwork should be the priority. Although yes, your future may depend on how well you excel academically, it is not the principal element of success. Being part of the Student Council as the Head of the Creative Department, I learned skills that are not part of our school syllabus; skills such as leadership, teamwork, creativity and time-management which can be applied to “real-life” situations. Yes, it is stressful to juggle school assignments with your duties as an Executive Student Council member, especially with the sense of finality burdening; but the joy and bond shared by the students during our events makes the stress worthwhile. Being part of the student council forced me to face my fears of public speaking as I had to finally break the personal commitment I made in Class 8 of “never speaking during assembly”. I am grateful to be able to have this opportunity to work alongside four of the most hard-working and organised people I know, and hope that we, the 2019-2020 Executive Student Council, were able to create everlasting memories for the Dyatmika community.” 

Head of Creative

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