Primary School

The teaching and learning programme at Dyatmika allows students to prepare for their future, whether it be here in Indonesia or internationally. Our curriculum has a strong focus on mathematics and language, both Indonesian and English, while also teaching about the wider world through engaging units of inquiry. Our international and national teachers collaborate to plan what students will be learning and share the delivery of the curriculum.

Peter Syme
International Head of Primary School

Dyatmika offers a unique blend of local and international education in its Primary School. Our students follow the highly regarded international Cambridge curriculum which prepares them for any future they may wish to follow. We also meet the requirements of the Indonesian National curriculum that provides a strong understanding of and connection to Indonesia’s history and culture.

Dyatmika is unique in Bali in offering a bilingual education to all Primary School students, from Primary Prep through to Class 5. Each class is taught by one international teacher in English and one National teacher in Indonesian.

Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are taught in both languages. Our teaching teams work closely together to create a stimulating learning environment.

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We pride ourselves in our sense of community. The wellbeing of every student is ensured and students are able to receive the individual attention required to flourish both academically and personally.

Parent involvement is highly valued. We encourage parents to be a part of the learning process through regular communication and activities including assemblies, field trips and parent education sessions. We look forward to welcoming new families to the Dyatmika community.

Extracurricular Activities (ECAs)

At Dyatmika we are dedicated to personalised learning to help students discover and pursue their passions. Students are involved in sports clubs, foreign language classes, music, art and a host of other activities. Students may take part in as many different activities as they choose. 

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While most of our ECAs are designed and run by Dyatmika staff, we are also proud to work with partners in the community to offer specialist programmes such as music instrumental classes and even sailing. Dyatmika is also an active member of the Bali School Sports Association (BSSA). A number of ECAs involve practice and participation in the BSSA sports competition.

Click here to view the list of Extracurricular Activities currently offered.

Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is at the centre of all that we do. We know from research and experience that students learn best when they are encouraged, supported and feel safe. Students at Dyatmika receive guidance about what is right and wrong, and are encouraged and supported to take responsibility for themselves.

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Pastoral care is a responsibility of all adults in our school. Each class has three adults to support students, the international and national teachers plus a teaching assistant. Teachers make time before and after school, as well as during the school day, to cultivate students’ wellbeing. Our Heads of School provide students and parents with academic support and address any questions or concerns about student wellbeing. They are available to meet with students and parents.

There are many communication channels between the school and parents to ensure students are supported in their behaviour and wellbeing. A school counselling programme is available to students who require further support.  

Support for Learning

All students enter the classroom with different skills and talents. The learning environment is designed to meet the needs of all learners, promote their talents and provide support to develop in all areas. Teachers regularly monitor and assess how children are progressing, providing support and extension where needed.

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Learning in English, Indonesian and Mathematics is differentiated according to need. Students receive instruction targeted at their current level of understanding in order to achieve academic success. Further support in English and Indonesian is provided during the school day by language support teachers, who work with individuals or small groups.

Communicating with parents about learning needs is essential to ensuring students’ success. Parents are invited to meet with teachers to discuss the learning needs of their child. Where intervention or further support is required, teachers contact parents and arrange regular meetings to share strategies and progress.

Our bilingual approach aims to ensure all students can fluently read, write and speak in both English and Indonesian by the time they graduate from primary school. This occurs through an immersion model, where students learn half the day in English and half the day in Bahasa Indonesia. This approach means that language learning is a natural, meaningful process. Students also enjoy an enriching specialist programme of Music, Art, Physical Education and IT.

An engaging camps and field trips programme has been designed to support academic learning, as well as foster personal development. Each class participates in at least one field trip per term, generally linked to their unit of inquiry. Class 5 also enjoy an annual camp, which promotes independence and helps develop the students’ social skills. These experiences expose students to the world outside of the classroom and take advantage of the amazing natural and cultural heritage around Bali.

To find out more, you can read our Teaching and Learning Policy.

School Hours

Primary Prep to Class 5
8.00 am to 2.30 pm

Students are expected to arrive at school on time and are encouraged to be at school 15 minutes before class starts.

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