Dyatmika Performing Arts (Music and Drama)

Performing Arts at Dyatmika

Students at Dyatmika enjoy a huge range of musical and dramatic activities during the year. Performing Arts is central to school life and plays an important part in our community ethos. There are curriculum lessons in Music from Playgroup up to Class 12, and lessons in Drama throughout the Primary School. Students learn invaluable skills such as leadership, teamwork, resilience, confidence and independence.

We have a purpose-built faculty with three large classrooms, an acoustic grand piano and upright piano, nine music studios (some for individual music tutoring, others for class group work), a suite of Mac computers with Logic Pro, Sibelius and Garageband, keyboards for classwork, a full range of guitars and band instruments, three drum kits, extensive small instruments (ukuleles, recorders, xylophones and glockenspiels, assorted percussion), a dedicated department teaching assistant and a technician. We also have a full Gamelan which is used throughout the year; students learn to play gamelan in lessons, as well as Balinese Angklung.

The ECA (Extra-Curricular Activity) programme complements and enriches curriculum lessons. There are activities for everyone no matter what instrument, age and stage, ranging from choirs to string groups to Funk Band. In addition, we have a large team of visiting music tutors who deliver high-quality 1-1 lessons to students. Students perform in concerts, showcases, plays and other events on a frequent basis, and Dyatmika enjoys an island-wide reputation for excellence in Performing Arts. To learn more, please read our department brochure below.

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