The PTFA is an Association of Parents, Teachers and Friends of Dyatmika whose objective is to facilitate the development and further improvement of the school by using the available resources of parents, teachers, friends and the community, in keeping with the vision and mission of Dyatmika. All parents are automatically members of this association.

An important function of the PTFA is to maintain good and close communication between parents, teachers, students and the community. This is accomplished by providing a forum for constructive ideas and feedback to flow between the school administration and the parents. We encourage parents to take an active role in Dyatmika by joining meetings or supporting the work of PTFA committees.

Dyatmika PTFA is all about supporting our children on their educational journey at Dyatmika, by building strong working relationships among Parents, Teachers & Friends.

PTFA Executive Committee

The PTFA is led by an Executive Committee consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and two Secretaries, one providing Indonesian and the other English language communication. Meetings and social events are organised by this committee with the help of PTFA members. These are elected positions, with nominations and voting taking place early in Term 1. Each Class is represented by 1 PTFA Class Representative facilitate communication between parents and school leader/teachers.

PTFA Fundraising Committees

Parent fundraising committees play an important role by initiating and organising events that raise money for the school. Money raised by parents has been used for many different things that support better education of the students such as specialised equipment for the Art programme or Sports programme. The camaraderie of meeting new parents and friends is one of the most enjoyable aspects of joining one of these committees which contribute so much to the quality of education at Dyatmika.

PTFA Community Building Activities

Past PTFA Executive Committees have also organised various events to promote community spirit within the School Community such as the annual community potluck. The PTFA also support various activities that Dyatmika students are involved in throughout the year.

Art Exhibition 
PTFA supports the event with snacks and drinks for the opening night of the exhibition.

Sports are big at Sekolah Dyatmika and PTFA provides support to the students and staff by providing healthy snacks, fruit and drinks and provide funding for the trophies. Sports events include the Dyatmika Cup, Primary Swimming Carnivals, BSSA Sports Day as well as other sporting events off campus.

School Performances, High School Graduation & Others
The PTFA has been supporting Dyatmika Student Performances which include Battle of the Bands Talent Show, High School Award Night and Graduation, The Gift of Giving Toy Drive, PTFA Bake Sale and Dyatmika Fun Fair.

PTFA Meetings

PTFA Executive Committee Meeting are held regularly.

PTFA General Meetings for all parents – Meet at least once per term.

AGM Meetings once per year – To update parents and teachers about the PTFA Activities and finances and vote in new members of the PTFA executive committee.

Class Parent Representatives

Each school year, a parent is asked to volunteer from each class to coordinate communication. The purpose is to:

  • Facilitate communication between teachers and parents; 
  • Facilitate communication between other parents in order to help build a community of support in the class group as well as in the school in general; 
  • Help provide information to parents in the event of a school emergency.

Provide feedback to your PTFA to get involved as a volunteer!

Your voice matters when it comes to making your child’s school the best it can be.

You can contact the PTFA via

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