Community Garden

Through the Community Garden, we are teaching students to be the future managers of our natural world and to have a deep respect for Balinese culture. It brings their learning alive and provides memories that will last long after graduation.

The Dyatmika Community Garden represents a unique opportunity for our students to actively engage with their environment. Our permaculture garden allows them to be involved in growing all manner of fruit, vegetable, herbs and flowers. The garden will provide lots of opportunities for learning to be brought outside the classroom from lessons on mini beasts in Primary to the study of plant cells in A Level Biology. Many other subjects and extracurricular clubs will link with the garden.

Dyatmika is linking with the IDEP foundation, who are experts on the concepts and practices of permaculture (the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient). We are also grateful for the ongoing support and involvement of many parents.

The community garden features stingless bee hives which will give the students the chance to learn about the importance of bees to global ecosystems and the chance to harvest honey! The herb garden also gives students opportunities to explore Balinese culture by making traditional health remedies and medicines.

John Connolly
Head of Business & Economics / Community Garden Coordinator

Dyatmika School is preparing some land near the new parking lot as the School Community Garden. This Community Garden will be an integrated place that supports Early Years and Primary students’ learning activities. Students are very enthusiastic about this gardening activity!

Ibu Dewi Yul
Primary School Dyatmika Community Garden Coordinator

Garden Kitchen

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