Dyatmika Vision & Mission

We are often asked about the meaning and origin of the school’s name:

The name was decided upon by the founders of the school. Initially Dyatmika Sekar Bawana was proposed, and this was shortened to Dyatmika.

Dyatmika – comes from the Kawi language (Old Java) that is influenced by Sansekerta. This language is still used in Bali especially in high level language. In the lontar, which contains many transcripts about social living, culture, and religion, the word “dyatmika” is found in many ways. The long form of “Dyatmika” is: widya athma ika.

WIDYAThe human being, created by God, who is chosen for making and doing acts of kindness and truth, that is why the human being has good thoughts and understanding. The result is “knowledge” = “widya”
ATHMA“The soul” which lives inside the human being which is created by God, and with “widya”, when people arrive on earth, they have the special task of maintaining all things that are created by God.
IKAThe unity between “widya” and “athma”, and at the end of life this will return back to God.


Sekar – means flower which brings a good smell to the environment. The flower essence is also useful to other creations of God, for their life and the continuity of the environment.

Bawana – people often say “buana” and the meaning is the earth, the place where we live. Planet Earth is a part of the universe and its existence and sustainability is dependent on the continuation of life in this whole universe..

Dyatmika Sekar Bawana therefore means:
“The human being is the natural flower created by God. Human beings are the only ones who are created with the soul of wisdom inside to respect each other and also to maintain the balance of the environment for the future”.

Our Students as Learners

At Dyatmika we have developed a Learner Profile that describes the attributes that we want students to develop during their time at Dyatmika. The Learner Profile draws on Dyatmika’s Charter as well as contemporary research and thinking about four key aspects. It is Dyatmika’s aim to support students to grow in these significant ways.

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