About the Yayasan

The Yayasan is the School Board which has oversight of Dyatmika School, ensuring that the vision of the Foundation is adhered to. Together with the Director and Business Manager, the Yayasan safeguard the stability and ongoing success of the school through informed educational decision making and sound financial policy.

The Yayasan is made up of non-paid volunteers who bring a range of professional business expertise and skills to the school. They share a deep commitment to the school and are united in their experience as current or past parents of students at Dyatmika.

The Yayasan membership is registered with the government and the Director and Business Manager are non-voting members. Meetings take place at regular intervals throughout the year and Yayasan members attend school functions, events and activities throughout the year.

Meet the Yayasan

The Quality Education (QEC) Sub-committee

The QEC is the sub committee of the Yayasan with responsibility for major policy and financial decisions. The QEC acts as a consultative body, ratifying decisions related to staffing, facilities, Educational and budgetary strategy.

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