Through the summer break the teachers and staff were out and about starting off Dyatmika’s Community Garden. Right from the start of the school year, the students participating in the Community Garden Committee have also been actively planting new crops as well as harvesting some fresh and healthy produce.

The Community Garden Committee has started a “Pick Your Own” Event, where parents and students are able to come by the Community Garden to pick our produce, and purchase it for very good prices every Wednesday at 3 pm.

We have been harvesting water spinach, mustard greens, Chinese kale, okra, red spinach, local spinach, dill, and coriander.

We would not be able to run our garden without the help of our energetic, humble and committed gardeners. Two of which are Pak Krishna Mahosadhi and Pak Made Karta; they come from Sanur and Gianyar, Bali respectively. Pak Made has been gardening from a very young age, and has enjoyed doing it ever since. They hope to build a garden that can benefit the community and the school for years to come.

Why should students join the Community Garden?
If students think that gardening is an enjoyable and wholesome experience, they are welcome to join the Community Garden Committee. Through gardening, you are able to gain experience for life, contributing to gratifying and eye pleasing views for the community.

Gardening tip from the gardeners!
Stay spirited, be active and engaged, and be patient throughout the process.

Alden, Class 12

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