For our Class 12 students this has been a busy semester; alongside their academic commitments and Extracurricular activities, they have had to carve out the time to make some big decisions about the direction that they wish to take upon graduation and prepare all the documentation required to apply as an international student to university overseas.

This year the Netherlands is again the most popular destination – a testament to the high quality education that is on offer there and the support from Dyatmika alumni and extended family that our students know awaits them in Europe. We also have students applying to leading institutions in the UK, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. A number of students are doubling their application workload and spreading their applications over several countries, and yet others have elected to take a gap year to reflect further on which path they wish to take.

Although this is still early in the application season – most deadlines do not appear until January at the earliest – we have already received a range of conditional offers from the very best universities in the UK, including: University College London, Bristol, Warwick, UEA, King’s College and Edinburgh. Several students have also obtained unconditional places with scholarships to universities within Indonesia and a talented Class 10 artist has won a place to study at the National Academy of Fine Art in Singapore next year. I have no doubt that as the season begins to heat up offers will continue to flow in from around the globe – watch out for updates on the Dyatmika Instagram and Facebook pages.

Please note that past editions of Careers Corner can now be accessed from the University Guidance page of the Dyatmika website – here.

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