It is almost the end of the year! Time is flying by.

The We Will Rock You concert was a hit! We are glad we could help with the production.

We have been approached by a company called Scholars of Sustenance. “Scholars of Sustenance or SOS is a non-profit Food Rescue Foundation working with hotels, suppliers, retailers and commercial outlets in the collection of surplus food (leftover, improperly cooked, nearly expired or food not suitable for display) and distributing it to communities in need.

SOS is a growing food rescue foundation currently working with 54 hotels, 3 food suppliers, 2 catering companies, a beach bar conglomerate, 1 bakery and a kids centre. Scholars of Sustenance is currently able to support 13 orphanages, 4 charitable organisations and 1 elderly home.

For more information please see their website:

You can also contact:
DJ Denton (Eng)
New Project Manager +62 821-4561-1119

Katerina Kopchenova (Eng)
Outreach Manager +62 812-3923-6566

Anna Susi Aprilia (Bahasa/Eng)
Quality Control Manager +62 813-1488-7063

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