Welcome parents to Term 4!  We hope everyone is healthy and enjoyed the short break.

Just a reminder we have a Dyatmika Family Home Industry whatsapp group and would like to encourage anybody that is selling anything to come and join the group with this link.

The group is for anybody who has a home based industry or product or service they would like to promote, please feel free to upload and share in the group.  We have had a lot of really delicious food up for sale, amongst other things.

Also we would like to thank all the parents that showed up, gave their time and really valuable comments and feedback during the Term 4 PTFA meet via zoom. We are grateful and really appreciate it, thank you.

If anyone is interested in joining the PTFA, we are looking for new members as we are almost at the end of the year. Please send us an email on: ptfa@dyatmika.org. We would love to see some new faces, we have multiple positions to fill for the 2021/22 school year.

Hopefully campus will reopen soon, in the meantime stay safe and healthy.

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