By Maria, Class 12

On 27 October 2020, Class 12 Business received a talk from Pak Toby, the founder of POD Chocolate Bali. As we are currently facing a global pandemic which has affected businesses throughout the world but especially those in Bali, it was very insightful and interesting to hear the answers that he has towards the questions that we asked by me and my classmates. It made me realise how linked the theory we are learning in class is to the real world and how one concept affects another. 

Pak Toby mentioned several factors that have helped him and his business to help dealing with change and crisis management. He mentioned to ‘cut all distractions’ and that effective communication is a key aspect especially in this day and age. He also stated that he is trying to keep a ‘positive mindset’ which Pak JonC always keeps on emphanising in nearly every school assembly. 

‘The golden age of online commerce’ is currently happening now. You can buy nearly everything you desire on online commerce websites or apps like Tokopedia, Shopee or Gojek. As there is a large amount of uncertainty, Pak Toby has to think of creative ways to keep his business going and one way he did this is by diversifying into the commerce region. POD chocolate is now available in Gojek and is very efficient as consumers may purchase the top quality, locally grown chocolate in Bali and have it delivered right to their doorstep!

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