By Natania, Class 9

On Tuesday 10th of December, Class 9 students were visited by Arya Vasco, an inspiring actor and entrepreneur; who graduated from Dyatmika in 2018. During the quarantine time period, he realized that he would have a lot of time on his hands, so he ventured out to create a partnered business called “Matundaku” – a business selling mangoes and avocados. The origin of “Matundaku” came from the Swahili language: Matunda which translates to fruit. 

When he first started his business, he sold mangoes (which came from Pasuruan, East Java) since it was in season, but overtime he grew to sell avocados (which came from Lombok). In the midst of juggling his acting life during a pandemic and handling a business, he looked up to his older friends and experienced entrepreneurs for guidance. They taught him the basics of starting a business, the hardships he would have to face, how important it is to advertise, and many more. Arya took this into account and implemented it when he first launched his business.

One of the hardships that Arya and his partner had to endure was when they lost 100kg of mangoes. This taught our class that we would have to undergo many difficulties not only in our business but in our own lives as well. Arya’s perseverance showed us that we should never give up on our dreams no matter what we face. 

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