Pak Nick – International Head of EYP/Primary School

I began my academic pursuit of Child Psychology at the University of Sussex, before moving closer to home in London and completing my undergraduate degree. After completing my Post Graduate Certification of Education at Cumbria University, I then pursued a further Post Graduate Certificate of Education in special educational needs and disabilities, becoming a qualified SENDCo, just like my mum, although she took a much more divergent approach. My MEd in Educational Leadership culminated this year after three years of online study at the Open University. I also hope to begin my doctorate in teaching and learning once things settle down.

Despite our context in Bali and Indonesia at the moment, there has been a lot about the role that has filled me with hope and promise. There is a genuine togetherness and integrity throughout the school; it seeps into every conversation and interaction and the students here are without exception the kindest and most wholesome that I have ever met. They’ve been raised very well and the disruption they have had to endure, has done little to dampen their resolve.

I am originally from a place called Wanstead which is an Eastern suburb of London that I still do not believe anyone has heard of. After beginning my teaching career in Cumbria, very close to Scotland, I moved to a high performing academy in the London Borough of Hackney, before moving to Venezuela, where I met my wife Valentina. She arrived here in Bali a few days ago.

Ibu Mani – English Teacher

In 2006 I completed my Bachelors Degree in English Literature as well as an ERASMUS year in The Netherlands. I then went on to do a PGCE in the UK. I have taught in a variety of different establishments in the UK and most recently, internationally in Qatar. I am excited to be part of the Dyatmika English Department.

Working at Dyatmika, I hope to facilitate excellent and dynamic learning for all students. I aim to nourish curiosity and independence for all learners as well as work with parents and guardians for the best support for the students. 

I have grown up in both Pakistan and in Manchester, UK. I have come to Bali with my husband – Dyatmika’s University and Guidance Counsellor, Pak Max and our two children. We have moved after spending five years in Qatar and are excited for a different and varied lifestyle as well as a change in landscape! We are very much looking forward to embracing all that Bali has to offer.

Ibu Irma – Counsellor

I pursued my Masters degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Indonesia (UI) and by the end of this year, I am looking forward to getting my Psychologist license. I plan to run psychological assessments and interventions for students. My past experiences were mostly focused on counselling and learning support at several schools in Bali and Jakarta, working with national and international students. Right now, I’m very excited to be part of Dyatmika’s community as a School Counsellor.

I wish to help students across all levels going through any struggles at school, be it emotionally, behaviorally, or academically, so they can reach their full potential. I also teach Physical Social Health Economic (PSHE) Education for High School students.

I am Balinese and I’ve been living in Bali for most of my life. I had been studying and working in Jakarta for a year, then came back here. I like to watch my favorite TV series or play with my dogs (and their puppies) in my free time.

Pak Andy – English Teacher / APL Class 11-12

I am originally from Newcastle, in the North East of England.

After graduating from Leeds University with a BSc in Psychology I spent some time working as a journalist back in North East England and then decided to move to Bangkok to work as an English Language teacher. It was here that I found a passion for teaching and returned to the UK to complete an MA in Applied Linguistics and then onto a PGCE in English.

I have lectured at both Newcastle and Leeds Universities and. I taught English and Psychology in secondary schools in both Leeds and Newcastle before embarking on my first International teaching role in Jakarta.

After spending the last 4 years in Jakarta I’m very excited to be living in Bali and working at Dyatmika. Even though we have started a new term back in HBL it is fantastic to see the amount of enthusiasm, passion and motivation our students show for learning and I can’t wait to be back in the classroom. The warmth and friendliness that has been shown by the staff, students and Balinese people has been outstanding and I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life on the island

Pak Max – English Teacher / University and Career Coordinator

I graduated in 2007 with an Honours degree in English Literature and History and studied in the Netherlands as part of this experience. While teaching in Manchester I completed an MA in Teaching and Learning. During my time as a student I worked in a wide range of part time jobs, including at Manchester United and McDonalds, where I made a record 16 Big Mac’s in under 2 minutes. 

I am very excited to work in a school as unique as Dyatmika. The campus is extremely beautiful and I cannot wait to be working full time there. Indonesian and Balinese culture has so much depth and I hope to make enough friends and learn enough language to understand it in its entirety during my time here.

I am a keen sportsman and enjoy participating in any ball sports. I do not have much experience of Basketball though, and am excited to learn more about this at Dyatmika. In 2016 I won a small suitcase in a competitive triathlon which marked the pinnacle of my career as a sportsman. I enjoy music and played in a local band as a young man, and I am looking forward to enjoying the Balinese music scene when the current restrictions are lifted!

Pak James- Head of Music

I was schooled at the prestigious ‘Chetham’s School of Music’ in Manchester where I studied Violin and Piano, as well as being a chorister at the nearby Manchester Cathedral. Upon graduation I went on to the University of Westminster where I gained a BA(Hons) in Commercial Music. After University, I spent 10 years as a professional musician – first as part of a group signed to Sony/BMG Music and later as a session musician. I studied for a PGCE at Huddersfield University, graduating in 2012.

I aim to make Dyatmika the leading school for Music in Bali. I look forward to starting many new ensembles, both at Dyatmika and also involving students from other schools on the island.

I am originally from Oldham, Greater Manchester but have spent all my adult life away from my home town, living in the south of England and also in the Netherlands for a period of time. After teaching in two schools in the UK, I moved to Rome, Italy 5 years ago to take up the post of Head of Senior Music at St. George’s British International School – one of the leading International Schools in Europe – achieving results that regularly place it in the top 10 International Schools in the world.

Pak Kristo – Catholic Religion Teacher

I studied at Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines in 2016 and majored in Catholic Theology. I have experience working as a teacher and look forward to joining the Dyatmika community. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Catholic Philosophy from Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Katolik Ledalero, East Nusa Tenggara. With all the knowledge and experiences, I hope to give the best that I have to the Dyatmika community as Agama Catholic Teacher.

At Dyatmika I want to prepare teaching materials for students and assist students in achieving good academic and faith development, so that they can grow and become better people in the future.

I am from Flores, East Nusa Tenggara and moved to Bali in June 2016. I initially worked from a coworking space in Canggu and then took a part-time job as a Catholic Religion Teacher. It has been a wonderful experience living here and enjoying the mystical beauty of the island.

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