As part of our new land expansion, Dyatmika is starting its very own Community Garden. As we aim to complete Dyatmika’s very own Community Garden and Beekeeping field, the students at the Community Garden club and our gardeners are working alongside our friends from IDEP foundation. IDEP is coming to our school to educate us on the fundamentals of maintaining the soil and ways to rejuvenate the new land. We have recently received and approved the newest detailed garden plan, seen below:

Not only will our Community Garden have a range of plants, our bee hives will be located at the far right of the garden. We will also have a classroom in the middle, as well as a pond. Together, this will hopefully create a self-managing ecosystem with minimal or no need to purchase extra items such as fertilisers or compost, all of these being available from our garden itself.

IDEP came to share some of their expertise with key members of the Dyatmika community including students, staff and parents. During the one-day workshop, IDEP gave us a handful of valuable knowledge including an understanding of permaculture and the principles and ethics of permaculture,making garden beds, soil management, compost making and other ideas relating to the holistic view of garden management.

We are very excited for a fruitful outcome, hopefully by the end of this school year, where the Community Garden will be complete and our bees will be buzzing away in the new ecosystem.

Alden, Class 11

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