With the community garden blooming with vegetables and fruits, there are many opportunities to make tasty and healthy drinks and dishes! Students and teachers are contributing delicious recipes involving one or more of these locally grown vegetables and sharing with the Dyatmika community for everyone’s enjoyment.

The end goal for these recipes is to compile a multicultural cookbook with a wide variety of dishes, including: herbal teas and jamu, jams and preserves, sambal and other dishes.

The community garden would like to invite the Dyatmika community (parents, students, staff and friends) to contribute some flavourful recipes that they are proud of.

Simply add your recipe here.


Thank you for your participation and we hope to have many exciting new dishes to try out and a successful cookbook.


List of plants growing in the community garden: 
– Tomatoes (local and cherry)
– Pare (bitter gourd)
– Bayam merah (red spinach)
– Bayam lokal (local spinach)
– Purple eggplants
– Kacang Panjang (long beans)
– Okra
– Chinese Kale (Kailan)
– Carrots
– Coriander
– Arugula
– Dill
– Kangkung (water spinach)
– Sawi (mustard greens)
– Cucumber
– Kacang Karo

Sherrene Chua, Class 12

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