After another outstanding year of A Level results from our Class 12 graduates, many are saying their final farewells, collecting their study visas and heading off to start a new adventure at universities around the world.

The Netherlands is overwhelmingly the most popular choice with more than 25% choosing institutions such as The University of Amsterdam, The University of Eindhoven, Fontys University and applied science universities in both The Hague and Amsterdam. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the UK also remains an attractive destination and our students there will be entering leading universities to study programmes ranging from Creative Writing and History to Computer Science and Marine Biology.

Other graduates will be travelling even further afield to take up places in the USA and Canada, and we are proud to say that a number of these Dyatmika alumni have been awarded sports and academic scholarships in recognition of their attainment at school.

Those students applying to Australia and New Zealand have had the benefit of waiting until after the release of their A Level results – and a little relaxation time – before applying. But at the start of the academic year in February 2020, Dytamika graduates should be entering the doors of The University of Melbourne, RMIT, James Cook University, The University of Auckland and Massey University.

Several students have also elected to continue their academic life in Asia and will be starting their degree programmes in both China and Indonesia in the coming weeks. Not all students have elected to go directly into further study and many are taking time to travel, to pursue personal interests, to build their financial reserves and to refresh themselves after the rigours of A Levels.

We wish all of them the very best of luck and look forward to welcoming them back to Dyatmika in future years to share their experiences of living and studying overseas.

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