By Pak Max

I was delighted to deliver a presentation on the BridgeU software to parents on the morning of Monday, 30 August to parents of Class 9 and above. BridgeU is a software platform the school uses to help students research, write, organise and track their applications to University. 

In the meeting, we discussed important tools within BridgeU that are available to students, parents and staff which are designed to help make the important decisions about students’ lives after Dyatmika school.

These tools included:

  • Strategy Advisor – this function helps us understand how we can present ourselves and our experiences outside of school in our best light to universities as part of our application
  • Profile Builder – this is where students can upload a range of information about themselves, ranging from basic personal data, to preferences for the type of university they wish to attend. BridgeU will then use this data in the University Matching function
  • University Matches – takes information collected from the Profile Builder and finds range of personalised matches for students
  • Shortlisting – Shortlisting allows students to select from the range of Universities and courses available to them Students can 
  • Applications – where students can keep track of their applications 
  • Recommendation Requests – this allows students to apply from recommendations from different members of staff
  • Writing Builder – The Writing Builder function helps students structure their personal statements or application essays in a way which is specific to the country or university they are applying to

I also shared more information about the platform, including resources for parents, a video guide and my contact details in the presentation which I have supplied with this article. 

It was wonderful to meet parents and talk on a personal level. If there are any parents who wish to discuss anything with regard to the university application process with me, please do not hesitate to contact me using the details in the presentation. 

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