Dyatmika held its 2nd Alumni Gathering on 9 August 2019. We were very lucky to have alumni join us, sharing their experience and knowledge of life after Dyatmika. Thirty alumni, including 7 speakers, participated in a sharing session with the students of Classes 11 and 12. They all had different backgrounds which allowed us to gain valuable insight into various perspectives from around the world.

We were able to gain information on finances, application processes, and life in general after graduating from Dyatmika based on their individual experiences. With many of them pursuing their careers already and some having taken some time off before University, we were able to understand that they believed taking some time to explore new grounds was important to those who are still unsure of what their careers may be in the future.

However, if this is the path students take, we must ensure that we use this time wisely to explore our interests, figure out our passions, and fill it with various activities to gain experience and be able to assess what we are truly into.

Through their experiences and stories, our perceptions of the different University systems, such as Research-based Universities and Applied Sciences Universities were strengthened, where students understood that considering which systems they prefer before applying may be beneficial.

We hope that this event has been useful to many of us, and will continue for future academic years. To end, we would also like to thank the PTFA for their support, and Ibu Ina for making the whole event happen!

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