By Ibu Nadine

Congratulations to the following students who met or exceeded their Term 2 Accelerated Reader points targets. This means that they have demonstrated reading for at least 20 minutes every day and have scored highly on their Accelerated Reader quizzes. Well done to all of you!  

Class 6X: Freyah, Kayla, Esrell, Jasmine, Zaniel, Chan, Kyla, Anya, Emma, Ginia, Zack, Radha

Class 6Y: Imari, Ella, Miu, Kaila, Dayu Rodri, Namira

Class 7X: Miranda, Adrian, Karen

Class 7Y: Jovita, Rachel, Tristan

Class 8X: Hari

Class 8Y: Iluh, Sebastian, Artemy, Rebecca, Mahesa

Congratulations to Tate and Nina in Class 9 who have shown the most progress towards their Term 2 Accelerated Reader targets.

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