By Ibu Julie

A warm welcome to 2021 and the second half of the school year! I hope that you and your family had an enjoyable break despite the current circumstances.

As Dyatmika has well established routines in place for Home Based Learning, Term 3 started smoothly with our students learning off campus, in line with the PPKM regulations that include Denpasar. As soon as PPKM is finished we will resume wellness and exam preparation sessions, with learning still available online. In the meantime, please see other email updates from Heads of Schools.

A special moment

During the break, this photo was posted on social media. Thank you for your
kind thought! People at school feel the same way about our Dyatmika
community members.

Dyatmika spirit is unstoppable!

Our students and teachers have shown that their spirit is unstoppable, even in the face of COVID-19 constraints. During Semester 1 students from across the school took part in Dyatmika’s Got Talent, Lunchtime Live, many sporting events and challenges, Climate Change week, Spirit Week, student organized charity initiatives and much more. As a community we have enjoyed seeing students enjoy themselves as they showcased their skills and shared their compassion and interests.

Now we can look forward to Dyatmika’s Science Fair, now a student-led virtual event for ALL of Indonesia.

Meet Pak Nick, our new Head of Primary and Early Years from July 2021

We look forward to welcoming Pak Nicholas (Nick) Bridges as Head of Primary and Early Years (International) from July 2021. As you can read below, he and his wife, Ibu Valentina, are excited at the prospect of joining Dyatmika and settling into Bali.

Pak Nick is from the UK and is well qualified, holding a Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) and a teaching qualification (PGCE). He has an MA in Primary Education, a second MA in Special Educational Needs and is currently completing his third MA in Educational Leadership. More than this, he is experienced in leading a Primary school in an international setting. His current school is in Caracas, Venezuela.

“Hello, from quite literally the other side of the world!

My name is Nick Bridges and I began my teaching career in London, where I was both born and raised. However for the past 6 years I have been helping to lead a high performing and very well accredited International School in Venezuela, enduring a rather torrid external context in the process. During my career and particularly throughout recent years, there has not been much that we have not had to lead the community through; from coups and kidnappings to vast shortages and power outages; made all the more onerous, given the present global circumstances.

My wife Valentina, and I, are huge admirers of Bali and the surrounding area, mainly due to it’s incredible mix of cultures, the inspiring landscapes, and of course the kind hearted nature of its people.

A school is only really as good as the people within it, and based upon the students, parents, and staff that we have met so far, Dyatmika may well be the very best in the world. We sincerely look forward to a time, when we are able to meet everybody in person, as staggered as that may be, and to continue to build a sustainable future for the Dyatmika community.”

Pak Nick was appointed from a strong field of more than 50 applicants. The selection committee included the Chair of the Yayasan, the Chair of the PTFA, Senior Leaders from Primary and High School and a National Teacher representative from the Primary School.

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