By: Class 2

Class 2 made posters about safety, health and nutrition and presented them at the Primary assembly on Friday 29th November. Lukas, Maya, Ria and Elkara are well-informed on what to do in the case of an emergency such as fire or an earthquake. Tara, Indi, Gung De and On-Yu know how to be safe on the roads. Nadine, Hanaka, Makara, Anugerah and Justin are knowledgeable about water safety. Ian, Gus Vya, Aila, AJ and Luna can tell you all about injury prevention. Ara, Sephira, Mercy, Genta, Sarah, Tantri, Atisha and Andrew are very clear about the things we all should do to stay healthy. If you need any safety tips, please don’t hesitate to contact Class 2.