Dyatmika is a not for profit school founded by parents over twenty years ago. While student numbers have grown from a single class to a student body ranging from Play Group to the graduating Class 12, the school continues to have a community feel. Dyatmika is embedded within Bali while being outward looking and welcoming.

Our academic and extracurricular programme combine to offer a quality education that sees students thriving during their time at Dyatmika. They leave our school equipped to pursue further education, follow vibrant careers and to live fully and well.

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Alumni Voices

"Dyatmika taught me that education and perhaps, more importantly, virtue comes from the care and nurture of wonderful teachers and staff and their fostering of a safe and welcoming community. Taking the Cambridge A-Level exams has prepared me for the workload here at San Diego State University in the United States. I have received college credits because of my AS and A Level exams, which means I can take fewer classes, save money and graduate early!"
Justin Isley (2015)
“I have been studying Architectural Studies & Urbanism with a minor in Landscape Studies at Smith College, the largest women's college in the US. I have been able to meet well-known alumni from feminist icon Gloria Steinem to African-American activist Angela Davis during my years at Smith. I am indebted to Dyatmika’s close community which has given me the confidence to explore different interests and provided me with relevant critical thinking skills for life, both in and out of class.”
Pande Putri Sri Wahyuni (2013)
"After graduating from Dyatmika, I went on to pursue further studies at the University of California, San Diego. I have since completed a Bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics with honours. Following a summer internship at Google in my junior year of college, I'm now just about to start a full-time job as a Software Engineer at the Google headquarters in Palo Alto. I couldn't have gotten to where I am now without the support of the High School community. I am forever grateful to my friends and teachers at Dyatmika!"
Karina Soerjanto (2013)
“I'm currently studying a Bachelor's in Accounting & Finance at the London School of Economics. My highlights? 40-mile club runs every Wednesday with the cycling team, pool at halls while chatting about the global economy, burgers with quantitative researchers, and 120-page reading lists every week. My two years at Dyatmika studying the A Level curriculum enabled me to gain access to a great university such as the LSE."
Buena Patria (2015)
“I moved to the Netherlands in 2016 to study Physics at the University of Groningen. It was through Dyatmika that I was able to gain and prepare myself for this opportunity. I've been taught by excellent teachers who have supported and encouraged me to excel at school and aim for great universities. They have definitely shaped the way I think now as an adult. I couldn't have asked for a better community in Bali to grow up in.”
Jasmine Evers (2016)

Latest News


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