By: Andrew James Ganesha, Class 9

In History Movie Club, one of the movies that we watched was “Remember the Titans”, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Boaz Yakin. It is a movie about the true story of an African-American American Football coach by the name of Herman Boone who tried to integrate the T.C. Williams Highschool Football team, the Titans, in Alexandria, Virginia.

In my opinion, “Remember the Titans” is an incredible and inspiring film, showing that friendships and sports teams have something in common-they are only as good as the people in them. Even today, “Remember the Titans” is regarded as one of the best football movies of all time, and grossed a total of $136.7 million worldwide. The plot is constantly keeping you on your toes despite the fact that it is based on a true story, which normally means that the plot is less exciting, because there is less room to expand the plot compared to a fictional story. Throughout the movie, the feelings and emotions of the people in it could be felt thanks to their amazing acting and Director, and the subtlety of every factor in the film really makes it feel like a true story as there was little to no dramatisation of the events in the film.

Overall, “Remember the Titans” is a truly memorable movie, suitable for all ages because of the exciting plot line and amazing skill of the actors involved. All the work put into making this film can be seen throughout the movie, and the message that the Producer is trying to get across is clear as a bell. This film is one of the reasons that the Titans will always be remembered.