By: Helen Moon, 6Y

Instead of following our normal routines, Class 6 skipped period three and four to go to an exciting event: puppet-making. We watched a short video, listened to a brief introduction, then got to work. There were heaps of junk piled everywhere for us to use to make our trash puppets. Everyone made something different from one another, and I saw people constantly grabbing more junk.

When at last we were finished and went back up to our classroom, we couldn’t stop playing with our puppets! And as to what we did with them, we either hung them on the wall (to use in English lessons later this term), attached them to our bags, or took them home.

Overall, it was a very exciting event, and I’m sure my friends agree with me. Although there were some complications, most of the time the people from Sampah Puppets handled it, helping us make whatever we needed. I would definitely love to do this again.