By: Indigo Hearn, Class 12


Hot Rod by DAYGLOW

An upbeat and jubilant song for when you have a good feeling about something, car rides, or when you’re with friends. Dayglow’s self-produced debut album, Fuzzybrain, has a similar ethos to Tame Impala, who is essentially a one-man band; you won’t believe that what you’re hearing is done by one person.



Summer Girl by HAIM

Super relaxed, an anthem for those cool summer nights when you don’t have a worry in the world. This song is perfect to help you feel calm and contented. HAIM are 3 person girl group (sisters, can you imagine) that strip back everything to its core. They prove that you don’t need a plethora of production to create a good tune. Also, the jazzy trumpet makes it that much better


West End Girls by PET SHOP BOYS

One of the most underrated songs of the 80’s. Yes, they may have joined the one hit wonder club, but this song is the right mix of techno to create a perfect blend of synth-pop. The most attractive feature of this song is definitely the intense drum beat that collides pleasingly with syncopated synth beats. It’s very easy to imagine this song fitting into an action scene in The Matrix. One word I would use to describe this song: cool.


Softly by CLAIRO

Clairo recently graced us with her debut album, Immunity at the beginning of August. She had already released some effortlessly good singles such as Bags and Sofia which hinted at an influence of autotune as well as sweet acoustic melodies. I think it is safe to say that Softly, which appears as the sixth track on the album is the new 4EVER of 2019. With catchy arpeggios and melody, you can’t help but sing along and feel comforted by the song. The perfect juxtaposition of minor and major chords layered with glossy harmonies is what makes this song so pleasing to the ear.


Goodbyes by JORJA SMITH

Jorja Smith first mainly gained notoriety from her exceedingly outstanding album, Lost & Found. If you’ve yet to listen her soulful and melodic tunes, you may recognise her from 2017 hit, On My Mind, which blew up as a feel good, funky, yet cool summer bop. Goodbyes is a stunningly beautiful, delicate acoustic tune with hints of soul that really showcase how talented she is as an artist and songwriter. As you listen to it, you realise that the song just keeps becoming more and more wonderfully melancholic.



If you recognise this name from a 2011 Cimorelli cover video, you’re correct. However, don’t let this turn you off. Ryan Beatty has easily had the best artist transformation in this past year. He started off strong with his exceptionally brilliant debut album, Boy In Jeans, packed to the brim with bangers. Picking one song to suggest from this album used a lot of brain power. Camo is the perfect introduction to Beatty as a singer-songwriter. It begins with harmonies and a perfectly coordinated drumbeat, then infiltrated with a beautiful, expressive voice full of emotion. Beatty incorporates modern electronic underlying harmonies that compliment his songs wonderfully. I cannot recommend this album enough, I suggest checking out Haircut, Powerslide, and Rhinestone if Beatty’s talent seems to float your boat.


Laws of the Universe by TORO Y MOI

Need a break from pretty much anything influenced by Pop? Toro y Moi produces a track that doesn’t require too much concentration or produce any unwanted emotion. With repetitive beats and synth, this track is ultimately very cool and techno. This song is perfect if you want to clear your head and forget about everything around you. His monotonous voice layered over the main track is accompanied with an almost muted guitar arpeggio throughout the song to help you get in the zone.



Easily one of my favourite artists in the world. Kaytranada is the UK based music producer that made me realise that I really don’t really need to dedicate my music taste to one specific genre. I urge anybody who is stuck listening to the same 10 songs to branch out and check out some of Kaytranada’s tracks. Chances is his most recent summer hit – a great beat and melody. Shay Lia’s voice is featured, transformed with velvety synth. His most recent album is called 99.9% and is the ultimate infusion of electronic, dance, hip-hop, and funk. It features some familiar names: Anderson .Paak, GoldLink, AlunaGeorge, Syd, and more.


Basement Jack by STEVE LACY

Steve Lacy is the definition of a young musical prodigy. Since earning his success at 15 years old by co-producing The Internet’s Grammy-nominated album, Ego Death, he has done nothing to disappoint since. As soon as he graduated highschool, he published his successful first EP, Steve Lacy’s Demo, and has only impressed us more with his recent debut album, Apollo XXI. Basement Jack is not your average feel-good song. It’s bombarded with the most effortlessly cool drum beats, chilled melodies, and simplistic lyrics. Lacy makes music production sound easy as he gives off his signature ‘humbly talented’ attitude. His must-listens are: Dark Red, Ryd, C U Girl, Playground, and Only If.


Rhapsody in Blue by GEORGE GERSHWIN

Don’t say you listen to classical music if your ears and soul have never been graced by Rhapsody in Blue. That’s all.