By: Heidi Thamsir 7Y

By Heidi

As Mr. Crepsley helped my weak body out of the coffin, we heard a sound from a nearby bush. Mr. Crepsley flew away into the night leaving me alone with the creature. I looked around, desperate to find the cause of the noise who most likely found out Mr. Crepsley’s plan to fake my death. When suddenly I heard a familiar voice shouted, “Darren! How could you! YOU BETRAYED ME!”

The sight of Steve made me rooted to the ground. It made me unable to speak. ” You knew I wanted to turn into a vampire. You knew I wanted to be his assistant and you took that away from me! And now you shall face the consequences!”
Steve pulled out a gun and shot me in the head. I began to lose my sight and fell to the ground. All that I could remember seeing was Steve placing me back in my coffin and shutting the lid. Faintly, I heard sounds of dirt being shovelled on to my coffin. As tears and blood ran down my cheeks, I began to lose my conscience and died.