By: Dewi Green, Class 9

A Knight’s Tale is a movie set in the 14th century, following a character named William Thatcher and his two good friends Roland (a short and stubby man) and Wat (an almost lanky, ginger-haired guy). Ever since William had been a little boy, him and his father watched how men dressed in heavy armour would ride their horses down the streets of his little village (named Cheapside in London) and aspired to become one. Wat and Roland are irresolute at the idea of using their hard-earned money to pay for equipment to train William to become a knight– what a ridiculous thought! William Thatcher, a mere peasant, training to become a knight. Besides, how could he compete? Tournament rules are strict: contestants must at least be the sixth son in a royal bloodline to compete, or must have a title given to them by the king– such as “sir”. This movie is certain to keep you biting your tongue and gritting your teeth, clutching the seat in moments of intensity (which there are a lot of!). If you’re looking for an excellent, historical-based movie about love, rivalry, jousting and swordsmanship, this is the perfect one for you.