Work With Us

Experience a vibrant and rewarding teaching experience in Bali, Indonesia.

The school and its community

Dyatmika is a not for profit school that reinvests its income back into the school and lives its vision on a daily basis. Our Board of Governors and parent body are very supportive. 

Learning at Dyatmika

International teachers teach the Cambridge International Programme to IGCSE, AS and A Level. This curriculum is augmented through a programme of field trips and camps. National teachers also teach into the Cambridge programme in Primary and the pre-examination High School years in collaborative arrangements with International teachers. Elements of the National programme are delivered by National teachers.

Extracurricular Activities and the Balinese cultural programme mean that students have a wide variety of opportunities to broaden their horizons and find their passion.  

Our students

Our students are respectful and talented young people who make teaching here truly rewarding. Student leadership is strong and works in a partnership with teachers and parents. Students’ academic success means they go on to universities and colleges in Indonesia and throughout the world, including the UK, the USA, Australia, the Netherlands, and Japan.

Our teachers

All of our teachers are well qualified. Our experienced international teachers mostly come from the UK, Australia and North America. Our international teachers and Heads of School work collegially with their Indonesian (National) counterparts to plan and deliver teaching programmes based on current, effective teaching and learning strategies.

At Dyatmika we value our teachers, promote professional development and actively develop leadership capacity. International teachers are provided with Indonesian language lessons at school. Other school based options for teachers include yoga and exercise classes. 


Bali is endlessly fascinating with plenty of intercultural and lifestyle opportunities. Bali’s international airport offers a gateway to the rest of Indonesia and the region.


Current job vacancies for international teachers can be viewed here.

"To be able to see the ocean, rice paddies, green playing fields and trees and say, “This is my office!” is brilliant. It is just one facet of many that drew me to Dyatmika. Its unique setting educationally also contributes to the job satisfaction. I love working with my Indonesian counterparts. Bali living agrees with me both personally and professionally." Craig - Class 2/3 Teacher

"Working at Dyatmika provides a very satisfying balance of professional enrichment and everything that life in Bali offers. Dyatmika is the international community that other schools set out to achieve. Whilst the teaching and learning programme is academically rigorous, the sense of community is incredibly strong and truly reflects the international diversity of Bali." Katelyn - Ex-International Head of EYP and Primary

"Moving to Bali to work at Dyatmika is definitely the best life choice I have ever made. No more Sunday evening dread; instead I actually look forward to going to work. My work life balance is better than I could ever have expected it to be as a teacher. It was originally my intention to stay here for two years and then try to move to South America; I have just signed my contract for my sixth year and I honestly don’t know when I will ever make it to South America, how could I give up the best job I have ever had in such a fantastic school?!" Helen - Maths Coordinator