News from school

Dyatmika Newsletter - 1 March 2019

04 March 2019

Highlights: Playgroup Trip to Lunas Lanus Barn, Class 5 Field Trip to Taman Nusa, Visit from Dr Mark Hampton, Reading Matters!, Sports News, News From the Admin Office, Updates from Dyatmika Executive Student Council, Careers Corner.

Dyatmika Newsletter - 15 February 2019

18 February 2019

Highlights: We Remember Ibu Novi, News From EYP & Primary, TK B Field Trip to Bali Safari & Marine Park, Class 7 in Action: Prepare, Present, Persuade!, Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards - Further Success!, CAREERS CORNER, PTFA Updates

Dyatmika Newsletter - 1 February 2019

04 February 2019

Highlights: News from EYP & Primary, Gardening in Playgroup, Singapore Art & Music Trip, Dyatmika Science Fair 2019, Reading Matters!, Updates from Dyatmika Executive Student Council 2018/2019, Career Corner.

Dyatmika Newsletter - 18 January 2019

21 January 2019

Highlights: News From EYP&Primary, Reading Matters. Career Corner, Intoducing Our New Teaching Assistants, PTFA Updates.

Dyatmika Newsletter - 14 December 2018

07 January 2019

Highlights:From the Director’s Desk, News From EYP/Primary, 10 years of service at Dyatmika, Farewell to Ibu Putri, We made chocolate cookies in Playgroup!, IDEP Site Survey, Highlights from Dyatmika Book Week, and much more.