Definition: Sharing information and images of your children on social media.

Many of the ideas below came from an article from The Guardian. Follow the link to read more. This is the first generation of parents and children to negotiate the social media path. We are starting to see children growing up whose parents have shared images, and who are beginning to say: “Wait a minute. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that!”

Of course you have the right to include yourself in online communities, but please ask yourself:

  • How will your children feel about your postings when they are older? Think about whether it’s appropriate – if in a year or five years your child would be embarrassed by anything you’ve shared.
  • Why are you actually doing it? Is it a positive thing, or is it to give you a social boost as opposed to the children?
  • How will it affect your relationship with your children as they grow older? “Parents love to post things about you, personal information that you might not like … Which kind of affects your relationship with them. Now, when you want to speak to them about certain things, you’re worried they might post it” (A teenager’s view).
  • Have you asked your child what ‘rules’ they would make about your postings? These may change as they grow up.
  • What right do I have to make these decisions for other people’s children by including them in postings? Do I have their permission to share the use of their images online?

At Dyatmika we are concerned about the safeguarding of all of our students. Some parents do not give their permission to the school for the use of their images and/or names online. Dyatmika does not give permission for you to take videos or pictures of other students during school time or events to post on your personal accounts.

Similarly, our staff have a right to their privacy and we ask that you ask their permission before posting their image online (extract from Dyatmika Parent Handbook).

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