Our Teachers

The quality of teaching and learning at Dyatmika is high and continues to improve. All of our teachers are fully qualified and experienced. Our international teachers work collegially with their Indonesian counterparts to plan and deliver teaching programmes based on current, effective teaching and learning strategies. The majority of our international teachers come from the UK and Australia, with many having previous international experience. The excellent national and international reputation of Dyatmika means that we are able to attract high quality teachers.

At Dyatmika we value our teachers and promote their Professional Development. Teachers take part in face-to-face courses of international standard throughout this region, in other areas of Indonesia and within Bali. We also invite international education experts to visit our school to deliver workshops. In addition, our teachers complete international online courses.

To complement external Professional Development, Dyatmika has a programme of onsite continuous professional learning. The programme includes regular after school meetings, peer Learning Walks where teachers observe each other in action and share best teaching practice, as well as professional learning during PD week and PD days.

Every year teachers undergo appraisal using established international and national standards. Appraisal consists of formal lesson observations and ‘drop-ins’, as well as planning and work checks. The results of formal examinations and standardized tests are analysed, with related improvements included in action plans. Teachers work and report on their individual development goals throughout the academic year.

All our teachers meet high standards of selection. We meet them in interviews, contact their referees and carry out checks on qualifications and criminal records. All international teachers have more than 5 years of teaching experience.

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