Enjoyment of mathematics is fundamental to being a successful, confident maths student. The Dyatmika Maths Department aims to instil a love of Mathematics by delivering lessons packed with engaging activities and interactive learning, lead by enthusiastic and approachable teachers.

We encourage our students to take ownership of their own learning and we provide resources and opportunities for them to do so. We offer extra maths support after school for all year groups, as well as other Extracurricular clubs to help students from Classes 9 to 12 prepare for maths competitions and broaden their mathematical horizons. We also subscribe to several online platforms which offer students further opportunities to enjoy learning maths in different interactive contexts. 

During lessons students across all years learn to:

  • apply mathematics in practical situations 
  • solve problems and check the suitability of the results
  • express their mathematical thoughts clearly
  • reason logically, make deductions and inferences, and draw conclusions 
  • spot patterns or relationships and generalise their findings

At A Level, Maths complements many other subjects and helps to form a strong foundation for problem solving that can be applied in all walks of life. At Dyatmika we are proud that Mathematics remains a popular subject in Classes 11 & 12, with a large proportion of students opting to study Maths to a higher level. 

Helen Briggs,
Head of Mathematics

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