History is offered by the Social Sciences Department for students from Classes 6 to 12. 

History is a challenging and academically demanding subject that is richly rewarding. In Class 6-8 we offer a diverse curriculum covering local, national and international History. 

From Class 9, students can opt to take the Cambridge IGCSE. This really sets students up for the skills that are required at A-Level and beyond, including developed source analysis skills, essay writing and debating skills, to name but a few. The course itself is based around a Modern World Study of the 20th Century, with a detailed and fascinating look at the events that have shaped the world we live in today. 

At AS and A-Level, skills are developed further by revisiting topics and studying some new ones. Do you want to know why the First World War began? Why dictators such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were able to rise to power? Where does the United Nations come from? What is the Cold War? How close did the world come to nuclear Armageddon? These are just some of the questions that are analysed, debated and answered in a History classroom at Dyatmika!

Sarah Smith, 
Head of Social Sciences

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