Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives is offered by the Social Sciences Department for students in Class 9 and 10. 

The Global Perspectives IGCSE course aims to prepare today’s learners for tomorrow. Based on 21st century skills rather than specific content, it develops a flexible set of paradigms valued by universities and employers. 

Thinking and problem solving skills, research and communication engages learners with global issues and requires students to work collaboratively with a wide choice of study topics. The aim is to develop active global citizens who have the practical skills and cognitive ability to discuss, tackle and even solve global problems. 

Students are supported and guided by teachers from a variety of subject specialisms, but ultimately this course is one that requires self-study, motivation and direction. The Cambridge Global Perspectives course is popular among students who enjoy working alone and in small groups, taking real ownership over their learning. Students will examine a vast range of current issues, from a personal, local, national and international perspective. It really is a course that broadens horizons!


Sarah Smith, 
Head of Social Sciences


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