Geography is offered by the Social Sciences Department for students from Classes 6 to 12. 

In our ever-changing world, Geography is a relevant and exciting subject that can stimulate interest in the world around us and develop our understanding of current affairs. It allows students to gain an understanding of events that take place in our everyday lives and draw connections between different human and physical processes that shape and characterize our world. 

Geography is a diverse and exciting subject that is relevant to our everyday lives. It is multi-disciplinary and supports learning in almost all other subjects, making it a great complementary subject to all others that students study here at Dyatmika. 

After learning fundamental Geography skills in the lower school, students can then opt to take the subject at IGCSE, and then at AS and A-Level.  Geography is a popular subject that helps students refine their literacy skills, graphical analysis and ICT skills as well as develop an understanding of our ever-changing world. Moreover, as residents of Bali, students studying Geography at Dyatmika will really enhance their understanding of the beautiful, varied and geographically diverse island on which they live. 

Sarah Smith, 
Head of Social Sciences

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