At Dyatmika, our vision is for students to develop secure and sophisticated thinking, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through being actively engaged in their own progress. We strive to provide opportunities for students to practise critical thinking, collaboration, perseverance, empathy and creativity in their English lessons.  

We aim to relate students’ experiences in the classroom to real life experiences.  It is also very important for us to ensure that all students learn to enjoy reading as a lifelong skill, and we have a programme to support students to achieve this.

Lessons and home learning feature a broad range of activities, including: pair, small group and whole class discussion; formal discussion, presentations and debates; vocabulary work (written and oral) and tests; individual, pair and small group reading and writing tasks; research tasks and creating learning materials for display.  We also strive to provide access to a variety of texts from different time periods and cultures.

Students complete a formal assessment in class every term.  Prior to this assessment they will have received personal feedback about how to improve their work.  Students complete a mixture of typed and handwritten work; we do place an emphasis on being able to hand-write clearly.

Classes 9-10

In Class 9, students begin the CIE IGCSE First Language English and IGCSE Literature in English in preparation for reading and writing examination papers in First Language English and examinations on prose, poetry and drama for Literature in English.  CIE provide the lists of texts for study and these change every two years. During Class 9, we continue to provide twice weekly extra English lessons and regular library based lessons.

Most students continue to study English Language and Literature in Class 10. Some students are given additional support to ensure a C grade or above in First Language English by focusing only on this subject.  During these years, students will build on their knowledge, skills and enjoyment to become confident in approaching the final examinations at the end of Class 10. The majority of our students exceed their predicted grades and our results are consistently well above the UK and CIE world averages.

Nadine Winspur,
Head of English

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