Business & Economics Department  

The knowledge and lifelong skills developed through the subjects of Business Studies and Economics prepares students for the modern, globalised world they will be participating in.

The Business & Economics department strives to enhance learning by providing opportunities for students to participate in field trips and providing guest speakers. 

Economics as a subject

All Class 7 & 8 students study Economics. This provides them with an introduction to the basic business and economic concepts such as the economic problem, how markets work and the entrepreneurial skills required for a successful business owner. Class 8 students create and operate their own social enterprise activity. The introduction to these subjects enables students to make informed decisions regarding subject choices for their IGCSE.

Economics is offered at both the IGCSE and AS/A Level. Students study both micro and macroeconomics. They learn to analyse economic issues and arguments and critically evaluate economic information, arguments and policies. 

John Connolly,
Head of Business Studies and Economics

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