The Science Project Club is proud to announce that the solar tree in the canteen has been installed and ready for use! To use it all you have to do is turn on the switch and plug in your device. Please remember to turn it off after you’re done! You can charge more than one device at a time, the power socket has 2 USB plugs with an international power plug which is able to charge the Indonesian adapter.

Step 1 Planning and design
We found that using solar energy is a more eco-friendly way to generate electricity. Using solar energy allows Dyatmika to gain clean energy from the sun. It helps us minimize our common reliance on fossil fuel, whilst also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We worked hard to design and plan beforehand so that this was possible. Here, you can see our designs and models of the solar tree:

Step 2 Fundraising
The club had a stall during the christmas bazaar last year to raise funds. We couldn’t have done this without the donations from the PTFA and from all the others who donated during the christmas bazaar.

Step 3 Finishing
We are so happy that the solar tree can finally be used. And once again, we would like to thank the PTFA and everyone who has been involved for all your help.

Next project
But this isn’t the end. We will continue to apply solar energy to many other projects. Including possibly setting up solar panels on the roofs so that the power supply partially uses solar energy.

– Science Project Club / Ibu Made

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