Alumni Voices

 “I have been studying Architectural Studies & Urbanism with a minor in Landscape Studies at Smith College, the largest women’s college in the US. I have been able to meet well-known alumni from feminist icon Gloria Steinem to African-American activist Angela Davis during my years at Smith. I am indebted to Dyatmika’s close community which has given me the confidence to explore different interests and provided me with relevant critical thinking skills for life, both in and out of class.”


“Dyatmika taught me that education and perhaps, more importantly, virtue comes from the care and nurture of wonderful teachers and staff and their fostering of a safe and welcoming community. Taking the Cambridge A-Level exams has prepared me for the workload here at San Diego State University in the United States. I have received college credits because of my AS and A Level exams, which means I can take fewer classes, save money and graduate early!”


“After graduating from Dyatmika, I went on to pursue further studies at the University of California, San Diego. I have since completed a Bachelor’s degree in Bioinformatics with honours. Following a summer internship at Google in my junior year of college, I’m now just about to start a full-time job as a Software Engineer at the Google headquarters in Palo Alto. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now without the support of the High School community. I am forever grateful to my friends and teachers at Dyatmika!”


“After completing my A levels from Dyatmika I moved to London to pursue my studies at the University of Westminster. My time in Dyatmika was invaluable as it gave me the necessary skills, knowledge and strong foundations I needed in order to further purse my studies and build my career! As a result I graduated with a First Class Honours in Business Management with Marketing and managed to bag two Excellence Awards during my course for being one of the highest scoring students”


“I have been studying Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences in Eindhoven University of Technology. Alongside my study, I am leading my own sustainable investment group in Eindhoven’s Investment Society. Additionally, I am in the organising committee of a new festival. It combines music, culture and sustainability. I’m forever grateful for the warm environment Dyatmika fosters. The support and mentorship given allowed for me to gain the knowledge, skills, and initiative to explore and go after what I want.”

Isabella Zylstra

“Hi, I am Grace Cullinane and I pursued the field of Environment at University. I love my programme, Environment, Resources and Sustainability, as it aligns with my passion and allows me to have co-op job experiences. My study term and work term alternates, I could get a job with the Environment and Climate Change Canada, University Researchers, Private Environmental Companies and more. I am very happy to be on the Dean’s Honours List. Dyatmika helped me adapt to the university style of learning schedules and to be more involved in clubs. I use a modified version of the Cornell Method to take notes and have a growth mindset thanks to Dyatmika. The more recent Dyatmika Community Garden helped in job searches in my field. I am also glad that I was a part of the Dyatmika Roots and Shoots club. I believe that Dyatmika will keep growing and allow even more opportunities as the school expands, so do not be afraid to take them!”

Grace Cullinane

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