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A very warm welcome to Dyatmika! This is a wonderful school to be a part of as it is innovative, academically focused, fun, passionate about the arts, sports, extracurricular opportunities, the environment and being part of the community of Bali.

What makes Dyatmika special?

Bilingualism: Bahasa Indonesia and English language

In Primary at Dyatmika your child will be immersed in a stimulating bilingual English and Indonesian learning environment so that they develop as users of both languages.  Our outstanding International and National teachers embrace current educational research in the area of bilingual education.

In High School, your child will be taught in English. Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A Level programmes demand fluency in English, and Dyatmika provides this.  However, our aim remains that our students become part of the local community, with language being a powerful tool to enable this goal.  Bilingualism is maintained through the provision of first language Bahasa Indonesia classes, together with second language classes that support all students’ Indonesian language development to a high standard.

A doorway to the world

Our graduates’ academic success means they go on to highly regarded universities and colleges in Indonesia and throughout the world, including the UK, the USA, Australia, the Netherlands and Japan. We closely support our students through the university application process.  

A caring school community

Dyatmika School has a strong and stable community. Many families send their children to Dyatmika for their entire school career.  Our welcoming community is small enough to recognise and embrace the strength of every individual yet big enough to be socially diverse.

Over the years this school has grown steadily from 27 students to around 580 students from the youngest in the playgroup to our oldest in the graduating Class 12.

Dyatmika’s mission

Dyatmika’s mission is to develop confident, happy and academically successful individuals who know how to learn and are critical thinkers. Our aim is that students will have well established values, develop civic responsibility, show respect for others and the natural environment.

The School Charter emphasises moral integrity; religious and social tolerance; intellectual capacity; broad knowledge; civic responsibility; and cultural preservation and sensible management of the natural environment.

Extracurricular activities and programme of Balinese culture

Our extracurricular activities and Balinese cultural programme mean that students have a wide variety of opportunities to broaden their horizons and find their passion.  They also enjoy, appreciate and help to preserve the Balinese culture.     

Visit us

We welcome visitors to our beautiful school site overlooking a green belt area of rice paddies and the beach by the Indian Ocean.  Our staff will be happy to help you with enrolment enquiries and the application process.


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